Mikito Nanashima / 七島 幹人

last update: 2022.5.10

Hello! Welcome to my homepage!

I'm a third (i.e., final) year Ph.D. student of the School of Computing at Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.

My current mentor is Prof. Toshiya Itoh. I had also been advised by Prof. Osamu Watanabe during my undergraduate.

e-mail: nanashimadotmdotaaatisdotcdottitechdotacdotjp (replace dot and at properly)

To be honest, I'm not confident in my English skills. But, I surely love the theory of computing.
If you see me at some international conference, please go easy on me🙇

Research Interests


link: [dblp]

[7] S. Hirahara and M. Nanashima, Finding Errorless Pessiland in Error-Prone Heuristica, in CCC2022 (to appear).

[6] S. Hirahara and M. Nanashima, On Worst-Case Learning in Relativized Heuristica, in FOCS2021 [full].

[5] M. Nanashima, A Theory of Heuristic Learnability, in COLT2021[paper].

[4] M. Nanashima, On Basing Auxiliary-Input Cryptography on NP-hardness via Nonadaptive Black-Box Reductions, in ITCS2021 [paper] [full].

[3] M. Nanashima, Extending Learnability to Auxiliary-Input Cryptographic Primitives and Meta-PAC Learning, in COLT2020[paper].

[2] M. Nanashima, A Non-Trivial Algorithm Enumerating Relevant Features over Finite Fields, in ALT2020[paper]. (M.Sc. thesis)

[1] M. Nanashima, Cryptographic Limitations on Polynomial-Time a Posteriori Query Learning, in IWOCA2018[paper]. (B.Sc. thesis)

Fellowships and Projects

2019.9 - 2022.3 JST ACT-X Math. and Info., Research on Difficulty of Proving Efficient Learnability.

2020.4 - 2021.3 Tokyo Tech Tsubame Scholarship for Doctoral Students.

2021.4 - 2023.3 JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC2).

Teaching Experience

2019, Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures, 2Q.

2019, Teaching Assistant, Information Literacy I, 1Q.

2018, Teaching Assistant, Programming I, 3Q.

2018, Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures, 2Q.

2018, Teaching Assistant, Information Literacy I, II, 1-2Q.

Other Activities


Hardness of Learning, Auxiliary-Input Cryptography, and Meta-Complexity (in Japanese), in the seminar for International Research Unit of Quantum Information @ Kyoto Univ. (zoom), 2021, July.

A Story of Computation, Cryptography, and the Gaps (in Japanese), in the course of ''Literacy of Computing'' @ Tokyo Tech., 2020, 2021.

External Reviews